Name Morten Olsen Lysgaard
Address Sandgata 13, 7012, Trondheim
Phone 93849899

Key Qualifications

A cheerfull pragmatic. Graduate at Physics and Mathematics at NTNU. Heavily involved in Orakeltjenesten and has responsibilities for the internal tools and frameworks used in work. Extensive knowledge of Haskell. Extensive knowledge of physics and mathematics. Modeling and numerical simulations. Dedicated in his work. Ability to take theory into practice.


School Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU)
Type Msc. Physics and Mathematics
Period 2010 - 2011
School Røros Videregående Skole
Type Mathematics (R1&R2), Physics (FY1, FY2), Chemistry and English.
Period 2005 - 2009

Work experience

Company Orakeltjenesten v/ NTNU-IT
Position Orakel (Technical consultant)
Period 2010 - d.d

Computer support on all of NTNUs systems to the whole of NTNUs userbase. Has thought me a lot about how to interact with persons in an professional environment. In addition to support I have responsibility of the technical systems we use in our work. Developing these I interact with most of NTNUs computer systems. User databases, backup servers and systems, APIs. This has learned me a lot about enterprise computer systems and solutions. How simplicity is the key when things grow large.

Company Euronics Røros
Position Salesman
Period 2008 - 2010
Company Trygstad Baker
Position Baker
Period 2007 - 2008

Volunteer work

Organization KlubbLAN
Position Main Responsible
Period 2007 - 2009

I was the main arranger for the non-profit KlubbLAN in Røros during 2007 - 2009. We had about 4 LAN-parties each year with an average of a 100 participants each time. Learned a lot of organization and leadership during this.


Math Calculus I, and II. Linear algebra. Differential equations. Partial Differential equations. Laplace. Fourier. Complex analysis
Physics Mechanics. Electrodynamics. Wave Physics. Fluid Mechanics.


Haskell Developed a lot of tools in Haskell, mostly used for simulations and parralell and distributed computations. Used to implement my Chord, Dynamic Hash Table: Sirkel
Django Developed, this is the the site and tools that the Orakeltjenesten uses every day to do their job.
Python Used in web-development and is my generally preferred dynamic scripting language.
jQuery/Javascript/Dojo Extensive use of jQuery and javascript in the development of
MySQL/Postgresql Used MySQL w/PHP and Postgresql w/Django.
MATLAB Phisical and mathematical numerical simulations.


Pilotes license PPL-A, JAR-FCL
Ratings Single Engine
Models C-172
Driverslicence Class B (Norway)
Scuba-diving license PADI Open Water
References Given upon request

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